APEC Climate Symposium 2018

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  • 주제 : Overcoming the Challenge of an Uncertain Future with Enhanced Climate Information and Services
  • 기간 : 21 - 23 August 2018
  • 장소 : International Convention Center, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
  • 주관 : Ministry of Environment & Conservation and Climate Change of PNG, the PNG National Weather Service, and the Central Weather Bureau of Chinese Taipei

APEC Climate Symposium 2018

APEC Climate Center (APCC) held the APEC Climate Symposium 2018 (APCS 2018) from 21st to 23rd Aug. 2018 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG) on the topic of Overcoming the Challenge of an Uncertain Future with Enhanced Climate Information and Services. This symposium was co-hosted with the Ministry of Environment & Conservation and Climate Change of PNG, the PNG National Weather Service, and the Central Weather Bureau of Chinese Taipei. 

Period & Venue

21 - 23 August 2018 / International Convention Center, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 

Keynote Session: Climate Change and Our Challenges

Chaired by Dr. Jin Ho Yoo, Acting Executive Director of APEC Climate Center

Keynote Session provides an overview of regional and global issues of enhancing climate forecast and service and promoting the utilization of climate science in various application sectors including water resources and agricultural sector as well as adaptation to climate change, etc, to better equip participants in sustainable development and help tackle climate change with climate science-based approach.


  • • Prof. Mark Howden (Director, Climate Change Institute, Australian National University)​
  •  Presentation Title : Climate Change: Connecting Knowledge and Action
  • • Mr. Edward Vrkic (Senior Advisor – Climate Change, United Nations Development Programme)​
  • Presentation Title : Is It Time to Think about Climate Change as Weathernomics?

Session I: Enhancing Climate Information Applications

Chaired by Prof. Simon S. Y. Wang, Professor of Utah Climate Center, Utah State University

Session I covers the topics about the challenge and success for more accurate climate forecast information and the efforts for producing region-specific climate forecast information to be applicable to agricultural and water resource sectors and decision-making practices.


  • • Dr. WonMoo Kim (Research Fellow, Climate Services Development Team, APEC Climate Center)​
  • Presentation Title : Gaps and Opportunities in Climate Information Services
  • • Prof. Simon S.Y. Wang (Professor, Utah Climate Center, Utah State University)
  • Presentation Title : Capturing Where People Aren't Looking - in Enhancing Climate Prediction Information
  • • Mr. Philip Malsale (Climatology Officer, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme)​
  • Presentation Title : Dynamical, Statistical and Traditional Climate Forecasting in the Pacific Island Countries: What We Do Now and Challenges for Future
  • • Dr. Rebecca A. Bolinger (Research Associate III, Colorado Climate Center, Colorado State University)​
  • Presentation Title : Developing a Regional Drought Outlook Product Using Seasonal Forecast Information
  • • Prof. David Letson (Professor of Marine Ecosystems and Society, University of Miami)​
  • Presentation Title : AgroClimate for Climate – Smart Agriculture
  • • Prof. Alberto Troccoli (Co-founder and Managing Director, World Energy & Meteorology Council)​
  • Presentation Title : What Can European Climate Services Offer to the Energy and Water Resource Sector?

Session II: Improving Water and Food Security with Climate Information and Services

Chaired by Dr. Jong Ahn Chun, Research Fellow of Climate Analytics Team, APEC Climate Center

Session II discusses the strengths and limitations of current climate forecast systems with respect to various application sectors and a wide variety of application status of climate information and services for water and agricultural sectors in various regions.


  • • Dr. Toshichika Iizumi (Senior Researcher, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)​
  • Presentation Title : Global Crop Yield Forecasting using Seasonal Climate Information from a Multimodel Ensemble
  • • Dr. Dennis Timlin (Research Soil Scientist, United States Department of Agriculture)​
  • Presentation Title : Incorporating CO2 Responses into Crop Simulation Models
  • • Dr. Ramakrishna Akkinapally (Deputy Director-General, National Agriculture Research Institute, PNG)​
  • Presentation Title : Adaptation Options for Climate Sensitive Development
  • • Prof. Nuket Sivri (Professor, Environmental Engineering Department, Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa)​
  • Presentation Title : Impacts of Climate Change on Turkey’s Special Water Resources
  • • Prof. Rijan Bhakta Kayastha (Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Kathmandu University)​
  • Presentation Title : Use of Climate Information in Nepal for Water and Food Security
  • • Prof. Joon Ha Kim (Director, International Environmental Research Institute, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)​
  • Presentation Title : Water, Climate Change, and 4th Industrial Revolution

Session III: Linking Climate Information and Decision-Making

Chaired by Prof. Chalapan Kaluwin, Professor of Environmental Science & Geography, University of Papua New Guinea

Session III discusses topics to connect climate information and decision-making from frameworks to region-specific application that enables utilization of uncertain climate information in policy development. Also, the way of getting benefits from climate forecast and projection in practice is discussed.


  • • Dr. Elisabeth Simelton (Climate Change Scientist & CCAFS Project Manager, World Agroforestry Center)​
  • Presentation Title : Closing Actionability Gaps of Climate Services for Farmers, Agriculture Planners and Advisors – Southeast Asian examples
  • • Prof. Hojeong Park (Professor, Department of Food and Resource Economics, Korea University)​
  • Presentation Title : Robust Decision Making Process under Scientific Uncertainty on Climate Change
  • • Prof. Jagath J. Kaluarachchi (Dean of the College of Engineering, Utah State University )​
  • Presentation Title : Linking Climate to Water Security: Case Studies from the Western Desert of Egypt and the Ganges Delta Region of Bangladesh
  • • Prof. Chalapan Kaluwin (Professor, Environmental Science & Geography, University of Papua New Guinea)​
  • Presentation Title : Climate Change, Variability and Sea Level Changes Poses Long Term Disasters in Achieving Responsible Sustainable Development in the APEC and Pacific Island States
  • • Dr. Hen-I Lin (Director, Center for Technology Policy Evaluation and Research, Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research)​
  • Presentation Title : Connecting Users’ Needs for Climate Information with Climate Services by Using Economic Benefit Evaluation: The Experiences in Chinese Taipei