2018 PICAPS Sub-Regional Training Workshop


The Pacific Initiative for Climate Application & Prediction Services (PICAPS) project was to build seasonal prediction capacity in the Pacific region through a tailored climate prediction system (PICASO) and a sub-regional training workshop. The Republic of Korea-Pacific Islands Climate Prediction Services project (ROK-PI CliPS) launched PICASO v1.0. Upon the successful implementation of PICASO, there were requests to increase the number of stations, add Nauru, and add a regional function to the system. PICAPS served to address those needs and launched PICASO v1.2 at the Sub-Regional Training Workshop and provided opportunities to the Pacific Island Countries to share the state-of-the-art seasonal prediction system.

The PICAPS Sub-Regional Training Workshop was held to officially launch PICASO v1.2, build the capacity of SPREP to serve as a regional coordinator for OCOF and PICOF, was the first climate prediction and application training for Nauru with the new Nauru country function, and increased the usage of APCC’s climate services including PICASO in generating forecasts in the Pacific region.

| Theme

Enhancing tailored seasonal prediction capacity in the Pacific Islands

| Period & Venue

5-8 June 2018 | Tarawa, Kiribati

| Host

APEC Climate Center

| Opening Session

ㆍ APCC Welcome Remarks – Ms. Bo Ra Kim, APCC

 Project Overview: ROK-PI CliPS and PICAPS – Ms. Bo Ra Kim, APCC

| Introduction to PICASO and the Training Workshop

 Training Workshop Objectives & Outcomes Expected – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

 Why PICASO? – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

 What’s PICASO? – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

 PICASO Demonstration + What’s New? – Ms. Bo Ra Kim, APCC

| Utilizing the PICASO Functions

 Preparation & Installation of PICASO – Dr. Soo-Jin Sohn, APCC

 Data: Import, Export, and Edit – Dr. Yun-Young Lee, APCC

 Outlook: Tercile Forecast and Recent History – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

 Details: Scores, Interactive Probability, and History – Dr. Yun-Young Lee, APCC

| How to Interpret and Understand Your Outlook

 CO-PICs and Guide: How to Interpret – Dr. Soo-Jin Sohn, APCC

 PICASO Functions: Settings, Themes, and Exports – Dr. Yun-Young Lee, APCC

 Interpretation of Large-Scale Climate Information (Guide) – Dr. Soo-Jin Sohn, APCC

 Exercise + Presentation: Understanding Your Climate Predictors – Dr. Soo-Jin Sohn, APCC


| Generating Your Outlook

 Generating Seasonal Outlook – Dr. Soo-Jin Sohn, APCC

 Seasonal Outlook Presentations – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

 Feedback and Discussions – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

| Closing Session

 APCC Closing Remarks – Ms. Bo Ra Kim, APCC

 Kiribati Closing Remarks – Mr. Ueneta Toorua, Director, Kiribati Meteorological Service

| Overview of Regional PICASO for SPREP

 PICASO Skill Assessment Overview – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

 PICASO Upgrades Overview – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

 Possible Future Issues – Dr. WonMoo Kim, APCC

| Generating Regional Outlooks

 Outlook: Map and Table Export Functions – Dr. Yun-Young Lee, APCC

 Data: Inputting Regional Data – Dr. Yun-Young Lee, APCC

 Creating Regional Outlooks – Dr. Soo-Jin Sohn, APCC

| The Future of PICASO

 Feedback and Discussions – Ms. Bo Ra Kim, APCC