Young Scientist Support Program 2015

  • Research Areas
  •   - Climate prediction and monitoring of intraseasonal time scales
  •   - Climate change and impact assessment 
  •   - Climate informatics and applications to sectors (i.e. hydrology, agriculture, emergency preparedness, etc.)
  •   - Climate prediction: operating a real-time and well-validated climate prediction system based on a multi-model 
  •     ensemble (MME) technique including monitoring and analyzing climate data using graphic tool (designed for the 
  •     participants from Pacific Island Countries)
기간 2015.04.01 ~ 2015.12.31
장소 APEC Climate Center
참가자 13 participants from 11 economies
참가자별 국별보고서
참가자 Mr. Muhammad Ayaz (National Agromet Center, Pakistan Meteorological Department, Pakistan / Meteorologist)
보고서명 To Produce a Statistical Forecast of Pakistan Monsoon Rainfall (PMR) on Seasonal Time Scale using different Climate Parameters


참가자 Ms. Le Thi Hong Van (Medium to Long Range Division, National Center for Hydro-meteorological weather forecast, Vietnam / Forecaster)
보고서명 Research of the effect of geopotential height circulation to winter average temperature in North Viet Nam and experiment of forecasting it by statistical downscaling schemes


참가자 Mr. Rodrigo Arroyo Hernández (Research & Applied Meteorology, Chilean Weather Service, Chile / Head of the Modeling and Development Office)
보고서명 Evaluation of Mesoscale Ensemble Prediction System of Chilean Weather Office


참가자 Mr. Laitia Fifita (Tonga Meteorological Service, Kingdom of Tonga / Forecaster)
보고서명 Development of Guidelines to Interpret and to Apply seasonal Forecasting Information in Predicting Precipitation Tonga


참가자 Mr. Thahir Daniel Hutapea (Research and Development Department, Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics, Indonesia /Researcher)
보고서명 Identification on Extreme Weather Events in Indonesia using Weather Research and Forecasting – Advance Research WRF (WRF-ARW)


참가자 Mr. Nover Juria (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Marshall Islands / Climate Program Specialist)
보고서명 Seasonal Forecast to Compare Local Precipitations for Northern and Southern Regions in the Marshall Islands Using Statistical Downscaling Methods

YSSP2015_Juria_Marshall Islands.pdf

참가자 Mr. Samson Kaneko (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Marshall Islands / Weather Service Specialist)
보고서명 Statistical Downscaling Seasonal Forecast for Precipitation in the Marshall Islands using the Multi-Model Output Variables as Predictors

YSSP2015_Kaneko_Marshall Islands.pdf

참가자 Mr. Wilfred Nanpei (Weather Service Office - Pohnpei, Micronesia / Weather Specialist)
보고서명 Is APCC’s MME Climate Model an Effective tool to Determine Seasonal Rainfall Outlook in the Federated States of Micronesia


참가자 Ms. Faapisa Aiono (Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, Samoa / Scientific Officer)
보고서명 Assessing the Performance of APCC Model (MME) on Forecasting Samoa’s Rainfall during Wet and Dry Season


참가자 Mr. Charlie Vulum (National Weather Service, Papua New Guinea / Meteorologist)
보고서명 Establishing the Intraseasonal Perturbation that affects JJA Climate of Papua New Guinea's Southern Region


참가자 Mr. Max Sitai (Ministry of Environment, Conservation, Disaster Management and Meteorology, Solomon Islands / Principal Meteorology Officer)
보고서명 Seasonal forecast for Local Precipitation in Solomon Islands using Statistical Downscaling

YSSP2015_Sitai_Solomon Islands.pdf

참가자 Ms. Siutiti Tapu (Tonga Meteorological Services, Kingdom of Tonga / Assistant Forecaster)
보고서명 Improving Climate Prediction of Precipitation during Dry Season in Tonga


참가자 Mr. Nikotemo Iona (Tuvalu Metorological Services, Tuvalu / Aerology Officer)
보고서명 Ameliorate of Seasonal Climate Prediction with references to Precipitation in Tuvalu