Young Scientist Support Program 2016

Research Area

  • Production of climate data and information by operating a real-time system based on a multi-model ensemble (MME) technique
  • Study of seasonal prediction and associated uncertainties to provide services for extreme weather events
  • Research and development of extreme climate monitoring techniques
  • Research and development of the preparation process for natural disasters
기간 2016.04.01 ~ 2016.12.31
장소 APEC Climate Center
참가자 7 participants from 6 economies
참가자별 국별보고서
참가자 Ms. Lea Lara Dasallas (Philippines Department of Science and Technology - Nationalwide Operational Assessment of Hazards / Science Research Specialist)
보고서명 Trend and frequencies or historical storm surges in the Philippines


참가자 Mr. Tofigh Saadi (Iran Ministry of Energy - Khuzestan Water and Power Authority / Manager of Statistical and Reports Analysis)
보고서명 Detection of extreme precipitation indices and attribution to climate change


참가자 Mr. Jose Veloso (Direccion Meteorologica de Chile - Applied Climatology and Meteorology Department / Meteorological Researcher)
보고서명 Evaluation of an extreme weather events forecast for central and south of Chile using APCC's global climate model


참가자 Mr. Nasir Yaseen (Pakistan Meteorological Department / Meteorologist)
보고서명 Integrated modeling of remote sensing/GIS tools for disaster monitoring like drought to calculate possible reoccurrence, return periods over south Asia focused to Pakistan


참가자 Mr. Shaukat Ali (Ministry of Climate Change - Global Change Impacts Study Center / Senior Scientific Officer)
보고서명 Multi-climate model and hydrological scenarios projections and associated uncertainties over Pakistan


참가자 Mr. Jose Rizal (Indonesian Agency of Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics / Researcher)
보고서명 Comparison between CLM and BATS Land-Surface Scheme in Regcm4 for Climate Projection Baseline in Indonesia: A Sensitivity Study


참가자 Mr. MD Sazzad Hossain (Bangladesh Water Development Board - Flood Forecasting and Warning Center​ / Executive Engineer)
보고서명 Application of multi-climate model ensemble(MME) seasonal forecast for River Flow Forecasting in Bangladesh: Case Study Brahmaputra River Basin