APEC Climate Center held the ‘APCC-ASEAN Disaster Management Symposium’ in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The APEC Climate Center (APCC) organized the APCC-ASEAN Disaster Management Symposium on the 9th and 10th of February 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The topic of the symposium was ‘Promoting and supporting scientific and technical research that will inform disaster management practice and policy’. Disaster management officials and experts in the ASEAN region took part in the event.

The APCC-ASEAN Disaster Management Symposium was held as part of the ROK-ASEAN Cooperation Project with its ROK-ASEAN Cooperation Fund. The purposes of the symposium were twofold: For participants to share technologies and policies to manage and reduce disasters in the ASEAN region; and to collect information and opinions to establish a long-term research roadmap in the region.

The symposium consisted of four different sessions. The four topics discussed were ‘Necessary bridging for successful Disaster Risk Reduction and Management’; ‘Current Disaster Risk Reduction policy creation process and required research efforts’; ‘Current Disaster Risk Reduction research efforts in the Asia-Pacific and processes for determining research topics’; and ‘Bridging the gap between science and policy together’.

Based on the results and opinions from the symposium, APCC is planning to support the disaster managers in the ASEAN region by developing systems that can be utilized in the field to mitigate damages from disasters in the ASEAN region.