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The APEC Climate Center Held the APCC Working Group Meeting 2021
The APEC Climate Center (APCC) held the virtual APCC Working Group Meeting 2021 on 15 July 2021 with 11 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Member Economies.

At this meeting, representatives from the National Hydro-Meteorological Services (NHMSs) from APEC member economies shared their current status of climate prediction and services and the status of extreme events in recent years, including communication strategies. 

Based on this, the meeting participants from the APEC member economies and APCC had the chance to present opinions on the use and improvement of climate prediction and its information provision service, and to discuss the future direction of climate services. The meteorological agencies from 9 APEC member economies delivered presentations on the current status and pending issues of external communication regarding the extreme climate and climate crisis. All participants shared the efforts and cases of each country's meteorological agency to communicate climate information service in various ways, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. By doing so, the meeting participants tried to find ways to effectively monitor and respond to extreme events across the Asia-Pacific region and to produce and utilize the necessary climate prediction information to prepare for these events.

The meeting was attended by climate forecasting and service working groups from the National Hydro-Meteorological Services (NHMSs) from 11 APEC member economies including Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, and Korea (Korea Meteorological Administration, KMA). 

The APEC Climate Center collected opinions from the working group members on the use of APCC's climate prediction and provision services and future areas to improve. Strengthening cooperation with APEC member economies to enhance climate prediction capabilities, will also elevate the climate information user satisfaction in relation to APCC’s extreme climate event monitoring information across the Asia-Pacific region.

The APCC Working Group is made up of representatives from the NHMS from all APEC Member Economies, as well as other relevant participating institutions. The Working Group members facilitate the exchange of regional climate information, particularly climate prediction information among the APEC member economies. The group works closely with the APCC Climate Research Department in the improvement of the multi-model ensemble (MME) forecasting system and for the development of new forecast application areas.