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APCC Has Commenced a Fire & Haze Forecasts for Borneo Island in Southeast Asia for the year 2020

The APEC Climate Center (APCC) has officially launched its Fire and Haze forecasts for Borneo Island in Southeast Asia for the year 2020, starting from April 25 on our website ( The forecast will be updated every month on the 25th, and is available from April to July each year. 

APCC has improved the APCC Fire and Haze Early Warning System (FHEWS) reflecting the most recent improvements of the participating models of APCC MME prediction system and many updates to make the forecast information more easy-to-understand for all users in the region. 

Haze from forest fires is among Southeast Asia’s most serious environmental problems. APCC’s Fire & Haze Early Warning System (FHEWS) will help provide information that can help prevent forest fire and mitigate their impacts in the region. 

It provides forecast information on both precipitation and the probability of forest fires in Borneo Island’s four provinces for the August to October (ASO) season when the region has the highest risk for forest fires.