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Prediction of Water Level and Water Quality Using a CNN-LSTM Combined Deep Learning Approach
Sang-Soo Baek, Jongcheol Pyo and Jong Ahn Chun
Date : 2020.12.03
Pathways to Sustainable Growth under a Changing Climate: Enhancing Interaction between Climate Science and Society
Boksoon Myoung, Seon Tae Kim, Yun-Young Lee, Inja Jeon, and Suhee Han
Date : 2020.07.13
Does Future Climate Bring Greater Streamflow Simulated by the HSPF Model to South Korea?
Jihoon Park, Euntae Jung, Imgook Jung and Jaepil Cho
Date : 2020.07.01
Detecting hydrological droughts in ungauged areas from remotely sensed hydro-meteorological variables using rule-based models
Jinyoung Rhee, Kyungwon Park, Seongkyu Lee, Sangmin Jang & Sunkwon Yoon / Natural Hazards
Date : 2020.06.18
Long-Lead Predictions of Warm Season Droughts in South Korea Using North Atlantic SST
Boksoon Myoung; Jinyoung Rhee; Changhyun Yoo / Journal of Climate
Date : 2020.06.01
Recent Progress and Future Prospects of Subseasonal and Seasonal Climate Predictions
Young-Mi Min; Suryun Ham; Jin-Ho Yoo; Su-Hee Han / BAMS
Date : 2020.05.22
Operational soil moisture modeling using a multi-stage approach based on the generalized complementary principle
Nastiti Andini, Daeha Kim, Jong Ahn Chun / Agricultural Water Management
Date : 2020.03.31