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Evaluation of the agricultural policy environmental extender (APEX) for the Chesapeake Bay watershed
Dennis Timlin, Jong Ahn Chun, John Meisinger, Kwangmin Kang, David Fleisher, Ken Staver, Craig Doherty, Andrew Russ
Date : 2019.07.20
How does ENSO diversity limit the skill of tropical Pacific precipitation forecasts in dynamical seasonal predictions?
Soo-Jin Sohn, Chi-Yung Tam & Jong-Seong Kug / Climate Dynamics
Date : 2019.07.26
Assessment of climate extremes in future projections downscaled by multiple statistical downscaling methods over Pakistan
Shaukat Ali, Hyung-Il Eum, Jaepil Cho, Li Dan, Firdos Khan, K. Dairaku, Madan Lall Shrestha, Syewoon Hwang, Wajid Nasim, Imtiaz Ali Khan, Shah Fahad / Atmospheric Research
Date : 2019.07.01
Development of a rice tungro epidemiological model for seasonal disease risk management in the Philippines
Kwang-Hyung Kim, Avelino D. Raymundo, Christianne M. Aikins / European Journal Of Agronomy
Date : 2019.05.02
Gaussian copula Method for Bias Correction of Daily Precipitation Generated by a Dynamical Model
Moosup Kim, Yoo-Bin Yhang and Chang-Mook Lim / Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology
Date : 2019.02.12
Incorporating the logistic regression into a decision-centric assessment of climate change impacts on a complex river system
Daeha Kim, Jong Ahn Chun and Si Jung Choi / Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Date : 2019.02.28
Overcoming the challenges of an uncertain future with enhanced climate information and services
Daeha Kim, Jong Ahn Chun and Seon Tae Kim / Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society
Date : 2019.06.04
Historical drought assessment over the contiguous United States using the generalized complementary principle of evapotranspiration
Daeha Kim, Woo-Seop Lee, Seon Tae Kim, Jong Ahn Chun / Water Resources Research
Date : 2019.07.16