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Research Report

Total : 148

No Subject Author Date File
148 Operation and Improvement of the APCC Climate Prediction System (Korean) Dr. Yoobin Yhang, Dr. Bong-Geun Song, Mr. Changmook Lim, Ms. Daeun Jeong, Ms. A-Young Lim 2019.12.31
147 Improvement of APCC Climate Information Service and Establishment of ESGF Database covered Asia-Pacific Region (Korean) Dr. Jeongmin Han, Dr. Bong-Geun Song, Mr. Jaewon Choi, Ms. Daeun Jeong, Mr. Sangcheol Kim, Dr. Yun-Young Lee 2019.12.31
146 Development of the APCC-KMA Collaboration System for Improving Operational Long-Range Forecast (Korean) Dr. Saerim Yeo, Dr. Yoojin Kim, Ms. Hyungju Lee, Mr. Soonjo Yoon, Ms. Gaeun Kim, Ms. Dain Park, Dr. WonMoo Kim, Mr. Sangcheol Kim 2019.12.31
145 Attribution and Monitoring of Extreme Climates in the Asia-Pacific Regions (Korean) Dr. Seontae Kim, Dr. Jong Ahn Chun, Dr. Boksoon Myoung, Dr. Daeha Kim, Dr. Jinyoung Rhee, Dr. Yonghee Shin, Dr. Sungkyu Lee, Ms. Eunjeong Lee 2019.12.31
144 Development of Multi-Model-based Regional Seasonal Prediction System (Korean) Dr. Soojin Sohn, Dr. WonMoo Kim, Dr. Kwanghyung Kim 2019.12.31
143 Development of Guidelines for Using Subseasonal Forecast based on Multi-Models (Korean) Dr. Haejeong Kim, Dr. Ji-Hyun Oh, Dr. Taewoo Ryu, Dr. Yun-Young Lee, Dr. Uran Chung, Ms. Dr. Suryun Ham et al. 2019.12.31
142 Development and Consolidation of Downscaling Methods for User-friendly Climate Information (Korean) Dr. Mooseoup Kim, Dr. Jihoon Park, Dr. Kyungwon Park 2019.12.31
141 Developing a Participatory Climate Service Platform (Korean) Dr. Hyunrok Lee, Ms. Jihyeon Shin, Mr. Joo Hyung Chung, Mr. Im-Gook Jung, Dr. Jaepil Cho 2019.12.31
140 Agriculture Risk Management Support (ARMS) for Rain-Fed Lowland Rice in Lao PDR II Dr. Jong Ahn Chun 2019.03.31
139 Development of APCC-PAGASA Regional Prediction System (APCC-PRePS) over the Philippines Year 1: Model Intercomparison with Focus on ENSO Impacts Dr. Yoo-Bin Yhan 2019.03.31