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Research Report

Total : 167

No Subject Author Date File
167 Establishment of High-resolution Multi-Model Ensemble (MME) Subseasonal to Seasonal (S2S) Prediction Framework and Diversification of Web Contents to Strengthen the Usability of APCC Climate Information Dr. Yoojin Kim, Dr. Hyungjin Kim, Dr. Bong-Geun Song, Dr. Hyungju Lee, Ms. A-Young Lim, Mr. Changmook Lim, Ms. Daeun Jung, Mr. Im-Gook Jung, Mr. Jaew 2022.12.16
166 Development of APCC Dynamic Climate Information Services Dr. Hyungrok Lee, Mr. Sangcheol Kim, Ms. Jihyeon Shin, Mr. Joo Hyung Chung 2022.12.16
165 Enhancing climate information and establishing integrated information system to cope with extreme climates Dr. Boksoon Myoung, Dr. Seontae Kim, Dr. Saerim Yeo, Dr. Jungmin Han, Ms. Eunjeong Lee 2022.12.16
164 Improved long-range forecasts through enhanced forecast skills and integrated information Ms. Gaeun Kim, Dr. Okyeon Kim, Mr. Soonjo Yoon, Dr. Seongkyu Lee, Dr. Seul-Hee Im, Ms. Yoorim Jung 2022.12.16
163 Test-bed Construction for Jointly Developing National Climate Prediction Model and Land Surface Processes Improvement Dr. Haejeong Kim, Dr. Sunhee Shin, Dr. Yoobin Yhang, Dr. Jong-Ahn Chun, Dr. Sooryun Ham 2022.12.16
162 The Development of Artificial Intelligence Base Technologies for Objective Climate Predictions (I) Dr. WonMoo Kim, Dr. Kyungwon Park, Dr. Yun-Young Lee, Dr. Jinyoung Rhee, Dr. Uran Chung 2022.12.16
161 APCC Climate Information Service Improvement and Integrated Development Hyunrok Lee, Sangcheol Kim, Jihyun Shin, Joo Hyung Chung, Jaewon Choi 2021.12.29
160 Operation and Improvement of APCC Climate Prediction System Yoojin Kim, A-Young Lim, Changmook Lim, Daeun Jung, Jaewon Choi, Youngmi Min, Yoobin Yhang 2021.12.29
159 Establishment of APCC-KMA Collaboration System for Improving Operational Long-Range Forecast Gaeun Kim, Ok-Yeon Kim, Soonjo Yoon, Seongkyu Lee, Jinyoung Rhee, Hyunju Lee, Yoorim Jung 2021.12.29
158 The Development of Climate Monitoring and Analytics System for Enhancing a Capability to Respond to Extreme Climate Saerim Yeo, Seontae Kim, Boksoon Myoung, Seulhee Lim, Jeongmin Han, Eunjeong Lee 2021.12.29