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APCC and TMD Co-hosted the APEC Climate Symposim (APCS) 2022
The APEC Climate Center (APCC) and Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) co-hosted the APEC Climate Symposium (APCS) 2022 on 15-16 September 2022 with the main theme of ‘Enhancing APEC Resilience through Artificial Intelligence (AI) Application in Climate Change Adaptation’. The event was held in a hybrid format (online/offline in Cha-Am, Thailand) in cooperation with TMD.APCS 2022 provided a unique opportunity to share the recent advancement of AI applications in climate change adaptation and engage in discussion with experts from government, academia, private sector on utilizing AI towards the resilient APEC.During the opening session of APCS 2022, the opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Caiwut Thankamanusorn, Minister of Digital Economy Society, Thailand.The APEC Climate Symposium 2022 was composed of 2 panel discussion sessions. The main topic of the first panel discussion, held on 15 September 2022, was ‘ Tracking Climate Change with AI’. The main topic of the second panel discussion session, held on 16 September 2022, was ‘Application of AI towards the resilient APEC’. APCS 2022 was closed with the closing remarks, virtually delivered by Executive Director Do-Shick Shin from APEC Climate Center on 16 September, 2022.APCC hosts the APCS annually to facilitate knowledge exchange on the latest climate prediction techniques in the region and beyond. APCS also builds capacity for climate adaptation and provides a venue for interaction amongst the world’s leading scientists, researchers, meteorological services, decision makers, and other stakeholders. Themes related to climate prediction and its applications are developed each year which guide the organized sessions and presentations. ​Meanwhile, APCC and TMD co-hosted the APCC Working Group Meeting 2022 on 14 September 2022 prior to APCS 2022 with face-to-face non-face-to-face mixing method to discuss the improvement of the quality of APCC climate information service and cooperative measures for this, and to share issues related to climate prediction and services in the APEC region
Date : 2022.09.19