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APEC Climate Symposium List

APEC Climate Symposium 2019


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APEC Climate Symposium 2019

APEC Climate Center (APCC) held the APEC Climate Symposium 2018 (APCS 2018) from 21st to 23rd Aug. 2019 in Punta Arenas, Chile on the topic of Pathway to Sustainable Growth under a Changing Climate. This symposium was co-hosted by the National Weather Service of Chile (DMC), the University of Magallanes, and APEC Chile office 2019

Period & Venue

20 - 22 August 2019 / Teaching and Research Assistance Center (CADI), University of Magallanes, Punta Arenas, Chile  

Program Book

APCS2019_Program Book.pdf

Keynote Session: Climate Services for Sustainable Development under a Rapidly Changing Climate

Chaired by Dr. Jin Ho Yoo, Director of Climate Services and Research Division, APEC Climate Center

Keynote Session answers the following questions: How climate services could contribute to achieving sustainable development around the world?; What does climate science communities do to analyze climate risks and options to better adapt to the challenges?; and How those sciences can be translated into decision-making for policy makers to impact its people? 

  •  Dr. Marcelo Leppe (Director, Chilean Antarctic Institue (INACHI), Chile)
  •  Presentation Title : Reflecting about Antarctica: Their Role in a Changing Planet
   [Download] Keynote_01_Marcelo Leppe Cartes.pdf

  •  Prof. Glenn McGregor (Professor of Climatology, Durham University, UK)
  •  Presentation Title : Climatology in Support of Climate Risk Management
   [Download] Keynote_02_Glenn McGregor.pdf

  •  Dr. Joy Shumake-Guillemot (Officer in Charge, WHO-WMO Joint Office, Switzerland)
  •  Presentation Title : Climate Services for Health - Realizing Social Impacts
   [Download] Keynote_03_Joy Shumake-Guillemot.pdf

Session I: Understanding of Extreme Climate Events and their Impacts

Chaired by Dr. Suntae Kim, Research Fellow, Climate Analytics Department, APEC Climate Center

Session I covers the topics of recent trends of extreme weather and climate events, impacts of major climate variability on the occurrence of extreme weather and climate, efforts and challenges on the prediction of the extreme climate events, and current studies on monitoring and attributing extreme climate events. 

  •  Dr. Arun Kumar (Principal Scientist, Climate Prediction Center, NCEP/NWS/NOAA, the Unites States)
  • Presentation Title : Global Infrastructure for Predicting Climate Variability and its Potential for Anticipating Changes in the Occurrence of Local Climate Extremes
   [Download] S1_01_Arun Kumar.pdf

  •  Prof. Jin-Yi Yu (Professor, University of California, Irvine, the United States)
  • Presentation Title : The Changing El Niño in the 21st Century: Properties, Dynamics, and Impact
   [Download] S1_02_Jin-Yi Yu.pdf

  •  Dr. Paul Gregory (Senior Prediction Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia)
  • Presentation Title : Forecasting of Extreme Weather Events from Sub-Seasonal to Decadal Timescales
   [Download] S1_03_Paul Gregory.pdf

  •  Mr. Jose Vicencio (Meteorologist, National Weather Service of Chile (DMC), Chile)
  • Presentation Title : Meteorological Extreme Events: From Long-Duration Droughts to Major Floods
   [Download] S1_04_Jose Vicencio Veloso.pdf

  •  Dr. Jorge Carrasco (Research Associate, Antarctic Gaia Research Center, Chile)
  • Presentation Title : Global Change in the Southern-Austral Region of Chile and its Impact in Future Climate
   [Download] S1_05_Jorge Carrasco Cerda.pdf

Session II: Innovating Early Warning System to Manage Impacts of Climate Extremes

Chaired by Dr. Boksoon Myoung, Research Fellow, Climate Analytics Department, APEC Climate Center

Session II covers the topics of key elements to develop early warning systems responding to extreme weather and climate events, and implementation and operation of climate information and services for early warning systems against extreme events. 

  •  Dr. Tim Manning (Senior Advisor, Pacific Disaster Center, the Unites States)
  • Presentation Title : Shifting Hazards and Early Warning for a Changing Climate
   [Download] S2_01_Tim Manning.pdf

  •  Dr. Daeha Kim (Research Fellow, Climate Analytics Department, APEC Climate Center, Republic of Korea)
  • Presentation Title : Overcoming the Creeping Nature of Drought by Tracking Invisible Energy Fluxes
   [Download] S2_02_Daeha Kim.pdf

  •  Dr. Tzu-Yin Chang (Chief Team Leader, APEC Research Center for Typhoon and Society, Chinese Taipei)
  • Presentation Title : Risk Management Integration and Dissemination for Extreme Events
   [Download] S2_03_Tzu-Yin Chang.pdf

  •  Ms. Paola Uribe (Meteorologist, National Weather Service of Chile (DMC), Chile)
  • Presentation Title : The Warning System of Chilean Weather Service
   [Download] S2_04_Paola Uribe Raibaudi.pdf

  •  Dr. Ashbindu Singh (President, Environmental Pulse Institute, The United States)
  • Presentation Title : How Early is Early Warning of Climate Extremes
   [Download] S2_05_Ashbindu Singh.pdf

Session III: Connecting Climate Information to Socio-Economic Values

Chaired by Dr. Jeffrey K Lazo, Economist, Jeffrey K Lazo Consulting

Session III covers the topics of socio-economic benefits of climate information-based early warning systems, efforts of adapting established early warning systems to a changing climate, and initiatives to bridge the gap between climate science communities, practitioners and decision-makers. 

  •  Dr. Jin Ho Yoo (Director, Climate Services and Research Division, APEC Climate Center, Republic of Korea)
  • Presentation Title : Tailoring Climate Information for Better Use: APCC's Efforts
   [Download] S3_01_Jin Ho Yoo.pdf

  •  Dr. Sally J Edwards (Regional Advisor, Pan American Health Organization, the United States)
  • Presentation Title : Extreme Weather Early Warning System: Bridging the Climate Science - Health Divide
   [Download] S3_02_Sally Edwards.pdf

  •  Prof. Hugo Romero Aravena (Associate Professor of Geography, University of Chile, Chile)
  • Presentation Title : Urban Climate Information at the Service of Planning and Management of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Latin American Cities
   [Download] S3_03_Hugo Romero Aravena.pdf

  •  Prof. Sergio Radic Schilling (Director of Research, University of Magallanes, Chile)
  • Presentation Title : Grasslands Monitoring in Magallanes, a Tool for Farm Planning as a Socio-Economic Benefits for the Region
   [Download] S3_04_Sergio Radic Schilling.pdf

  •  Dr. Jeffrey K Lazo (Economist, Jeffrey K Lazo Consulting, the United States)
  • Presentation Title : Economic Assessment of Hydro-Met Services and Products: A Value Chain Approach
   [Download] S3_05_Jeffrey K Lazo.pdf


APCS 2019_Proceedings.pdf