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Climate Informatics and User Service

Develop & Manage Online Climate Information Application Tools

Support climate prediction, climate analysis, and climate change research using Information Technology (IT)
Manage high-quality research equipment and support researchers in their use of the equipment to produce climate information
Develop and research information service systems that publicize and apply research results
Online applications tools development and climatic data service operations

Basic Work

The Climate Informatics & Application Team supports researchers in the Climate Prediction, Climate Analysis, and Climate Chang Research Teams through Information Technology (IT). They manage the High Performance Computing (HPC), which is computational research equipment for climate information production. The team manages and supports researchers when they use the HPC system. They also transfer produced research results into an information service for researchers and consumers so that they can utilize and understand the research results.

The team also has an important role in managing and developing the APCC Data Service System (ADSS). ADSS supports climate prediction and research by helping researchers access and analyze the climate forecast data and analyzed data. Another important role is the development of the Climate Information ToolKit (CLIK), which allows users to analyze climate information online utilizing predictions from the Multi-Model Ensemble. The main mission of the Climate Informatics & Application Team is to manage and develop web programs to provide prediction data.