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The Climate Information Tool Kit (CLIK), a web-based climate information tool, is motivated by the desire to empower users to take advantage of climate information and forecasts. CLIK aids users in retrieving and utilizing climate prediction data and information available from APCC data servers in a user-friendly manner.

The web interface of CLIK allows users to authenticate, produce the customized MME (Multi-Model Ensemble) seasonal prediction, and make a downscaling forecast for a specific region. The user interface is connected with the computational systems which are Automated Forecast Systems (AFS) and Downscaling Forecast Tool.

Climate forecasters, disaster planners and researchers can login to this online service to create a customized climate prediction for their region of interest.

CLIK won the Grand Prix Award at the 2009 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition, in which from 78 entries from 8 countries, for its technical merit and potential contribution to society.